If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, a qualified injury attorney can help you recover your losses so that you can move forward in all aspects of your life—including physical, emotional, and financial. And while there are many factors that can help you prevail in your personal injury lawsuit, client-attorney trust is a key one. Why? We asked a team of professionals to share why this trust matters so much

First of all, it’s important to remember that your lawyer’s goal is to help you. It’s a common misconception that lawyers are dishonest or don’t have your best interest at heart. Lawyers want to help and reach an outcome that works for their clients. Having a good lawyer who you can place your trust in can be a great source of relief.

Having said that, trusting your injury lawyer is important because it will put less stress on yourself. Recovering from an injury can be difficult, so let your lawyer do the work and remove a little bit of your burden by handling your legal concerns. If you trust your lawyer, you’re also more likely to share useful information that could help your case. The more information your lawyer has, the easier it will be for them to do their job and get you the best possible outcome for your case.

Overall, trusting your attorney will remove a good amount of stress from the equation, and it will also help you by giving your lawyer all the information they need to win your case.

It is important to hire a personal injury lawyer whom you can trust so that you receive the most competent and diligent representation possible with the goal of receiving the best outcome for your case via a settlement or by a trial if necessary.

Your personal injury attorney must be competent and up to date on recent changes in the law so that he or she can convince the defendant (insurer, company, individual) that your case has real value and that you must be compensated fairly for the (financial, emotional) loss they caused.

Your personal injury attorney must be diligent at every stage of your case, from collecting evidence to writing a proper demand letter, through preparing for trial. The amount of your settlement out-of-court or judgment at trial is highly dependent on how hard your attorney is willing to work to assert your rights.

Choosing a hard-working, competent, and trustworthy attorney who puts your interests ahead of taking an easy settlement will afford you the best opportunity to reach a reasonable settlement or judgment which will “make you whole” or put your back in the position you were in prior to your injuries.

We Understand What You’re Going Through

People tend to believe that attorneys – and injury attorneys in particular – are greedy and only interested in making a buck. While this may be true for some, it’s certainly not the case for most of us. Like many others, I decided to become a lawyer and focus on personal injury law because of an experience I had when I was young. I saw how insurance companies took advantage of my family after a devastating accident. I decided that I wanted to help other accident victims stand up against big, well-funded companies and assert their rights. I can empathize with what my clients are dealing with. My perspective allows me to help them more than they probably know. It’s important that clients trust that.

We Have Experience They Don’t

Clients need to trust injury lawyers because we have experience handling complex injury claims. We know how insurance companies operate and what steps must be taken to obtain compensation. Our past experiences – including those cases we’ve won and lost – will benefit our future clients. Most accident victims are unfamiliar with insurance claims and lawsuit processes. Insurance companies know this and will try to use that to their advantage. Trusting an attorney who has years of experience negotiating and litigating injury claims will only help to increase the amount of money a client gets.

Trust is key in the attorney client relationship and the success we have in advocating on a client’s behalf lies in the mutual trust for one another. Juries are intuitive to attorneys’ relationships with their client. If a client doesn’t trust his or her injury lawyer, why should the jury?

The reason you trust your injury attorney is because we’re passionate about helping the underdog. Any injury lawyer will tell you they became a lawyer to fight for justice. The insurance company is the Goliath, the injured party is David, your injury lawyer should be your slingshot.

The reason you trust your injury attorney is because they have your best interest at heart! When we say “we don’t get paid if you don’t get paid,” we mean it. We’re one of the few industries where your success is directly connected to what the firm recovers.

While it matters how experienced and knowledgeable the injury attorney is, that won’t mean a thing if no personal connection has been established. Injury cases are, by nature, extremely personal. You’ll be telling your attorney intimate details about your life in preparation for your case. It’s vital to establish trust and rapport with your attorney so that you feel comfortable sharing your life details.