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Giving back through annual Personal Injury Scholarship

Personal Injury

Here at Staver Law Group, we know the complex decisions and tasks you face during law school. After all, we went through it ourselves. While you’re heavily focused on your classes each semester, you’re also expected to take on additional responsibilities. From school-related organizations to internships and clerk positions, you’re motivated to learn as much as possible and build a strong resume.

Yet, we also understand that law school is a struggle. For those of you who personally deal with an accident-related injury or disability, or have been deeply affected by an accident, you are forced to navigate your education with additional burdens. You must compete in a world that was created for and prioritizes able-bodied individuals, and you must not let the stress of the financial situation an accident leaves behind distract you from your educational goals.

To enable students impacted by an accident or other personal injury situation to focus on their schoolwork, the Staver Law Group created the Personal Injury Scholarship. It is our hope that this national scholarship, now in its fifth year, will not only help a student but also foster an appreciation for the work personal injury lawyers around the country do every day.

Focusing on helping others and community safety

As personal injury attorneys, our job is to help. We see firsthand how car crashes and other types of accident effect our clients’ lives. We see their pain and the suffering this trauma brings on their families. We witness how injuries put our clients and their loved one’s careers, educations, and lives on hold. Their needs propel us forward in fighting for their rights.

However, we know there is more we can do. The struggles our clients and other accident victims face do not end when the insurance claim process or lawsuit is over. For many of them, they are still in the midst of recovering and picking up their lives. This is the time when they need additional support.

We created the Staver Law Group Personal Injury Scholarship to ensure someone impacted by an accident receives that additional support while they pursue their education. A collision or some other accident should never hold someone back from pursuing a degree.

Every year, we award $5,000 to a college or graduate student who understands and appreciates the importance of personal injury law. The recipients may have been injured in an accident themselves or impacted when a loved one was hurt. They may also be active in promoting community health and safety, an important focus at Staver Law Group.

Previous recipients

In the inaugural year, the 2014 Personal Injury Scholarship was awarded to Tiffane King, a student at University of California, Irvine School of Law. Tiffane had been seriously injured in an accident herself and used this as motivation to help others through her future legal practice and volunteer work.

In 2015, we awarded the scholarship to Husnah Khan, a student at Wayne State University School of Law. After suffering a concussion in a rear-end accident, Husnah overcame numerous physical and cognitive limitations to reach her goal of attending law school.

In 2016, we awarded the scholarship to Juliana Ruggieri, who intended to further her career by earning a Master of Science degree in Environmental Health and Safety from the University of Wisconsin. Juliana demonstrated a deep understanding of how personal injury attorneys affect leading safety initiatives.

Last year, Tyler Nance received the scholarship. As a student at the University of Alabama, pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering, Tyler hopes to improve the efficiency and safety of space travel. Like Juliana, Tyler demonstrated an understanding of the role personal injury lawyers play in leading safety initiatives, and how he promotes safety every day.

This year, we are confident we will find an equally bright student who has been affected by and understands personal injury law and will continue to positively impact their community.

6 Types of Personal Injuries Which Must Needs a Personal Injury Lawyer

six types of personal injuries

If you or someone around you has been unfortunately been injured then he might be needing a personal injury lawyer. Though one argues that what’s the need of a personal injury lawyer when they have signed up for an insurance policy. What they don’t realize is that most of the time insurance policies hesitate to pay up the bill and often shorten the amount as well as pressurizes the client. For this reason, one should definitely know the personal injury lawyer and should contact him. It has been estimated that there are roughly around 700,000 injury claims that are filed each year in the U.S alone. There is not one specific type of injury that a person goes through but are many uncountable injuries that a person could unfortunately get. If you were surfing the internet for it then there is nothing to worry about as this article has got you covered. This article will guide you through 6 types of personal injuries that must need a personal injury lawyer.

Car accidents require a personal injury lawyer

Should You Deal With a Car Accident Without a Lawyer? | Bader Scott Injury  Lawyers

There is no doubt that car accidents are one of the most common types of injuries that a person goes through. One of the main reasons for accidents is that one of the people is not following the proper rules of the road or he might be a careless driver. With the help of personal injury lawyer one can definitely make the driver responsible for all the physical and financial damage.

Slip and Fall

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents -

Besides car accidents, slip and fall cases are one of the most unfortunate personal injuries that an individual can go through. Many people which mainly include property owners are held responsible for not keeping their property safe due to which many people become a victim of slip and fall cases.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims can be filed with the help of a personal injury lawyer if a doctor fails to provide valid treatment to their patient according to appropriate medical standards. Though it is not as simple it sounds because getting bad results doesn’t ensure that malpractice has occurred. One should definitely go through the details before filing or claiming one of these.


Defamation is found to be one of the most worse injuries that a person can go through. The main reason is that road accidents can be healed in a few weeks but sometimes defamations can take quite long times such as months or even years. One can totally lose self-confidence and self-esteem. Legal action can be taken if any person is found to be defaming another individual with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Dog Bites

Can we learn to avoid being bitten by dogs?

If a person has a dog, then it’s his responsibility to make sure that the others nearby his dog are safe. If an individual gets a dog bite then the owner of the dog is held responsible for it without any doubt. With the legal help and advice of personal injury lawyer the owner of the dog can be questioned and held responsible for that financially.


It is quite different from other types of personal injuries as in this one isn’t harmed unintentionally but a person harms another person on purpose and intentionally. These cases can become quite intense with a little touch of criminal cases in them. It is advised by professionals to opt for a personal injury lawyer if one faces these types of issues.

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